The Trade Unionists Group was created out of a concern that our Trade Unions seem to prefer to align with the Labour Party and its political aims rather than supporting the needs of their members.

We are also concerned that the political levy is being unfairly taken from many members to make huge payments to the Labour Party. Members need more clarity on this, especially when first joining.

Furthermore the levy should become “opt-in” rather than “opt-out” and members must have more say over where their money is going, such as what political party it goes to. After all around 1 in 3 Trade Union members do not support the Labour Party but it receives 100% of payments.

We also believe in the following:
• Advertise all UK job vacancies exclusively in the UK initially; British job seekers must have first opportunity to apply.
• Give more support to British industries which suffer from short-term unfair market turmoil. This is not protectionist.
• A presumption of buying British when public bodies award contracts. There can be exceptions if the cost is excessively expensive or a product or service cannot be sourced within the UK. In this case the winning bid must include an element of training UK workers for those skills shortages, perhaps in the form of apprenticeships.
• Immediately outlaw the Posted Worker Directive, something that our Trade Unions should be dead against. It exploits foreign workers and actually discriminates against British workers.
• Remove burdensome energy tariffs from British manufacturing industries. This unfairly makes British products uncompetitive due to the higher costs.
• After Brexit and once we are able to take back control of our Border Agency and our fishing waters we will require a fleet of boats. We must build them in British yards. We are not suggesting the return to large scale ship building.
• Invest in clean coal technology; investigate the reopening of specific coal mines using the very latest technology to extract coal safely and cleanly.
• Invest in more training places for UK doctors and nurses so that we become less dependent on foreign staff.
• Ensure apprenticeships are meaningful, with good quality qualifications on completion, rather than being a political tick box exercise.

Our full constitution can be read here and the general rules of the Trade Unionist Group organisation can be found here.