UKIP TUG look for the bullseye in Blyth!

The Trade Unionists Group supported Blyth Valley Branch’s hosting of the NE Darts Open on 28th January. We were able to share our ambition to get our Trade Unions back to putting their members’ needs above those of the Labour Party. A lot of fun was had by all on the day and we look […]

Trade Union Act 2016 – Response from UKIP Trade Unionists Group

The Trade Union Act 2016 is meant to strike a better balance between the needs of businesses to trade successfully and the rights of workers to expect decent pay and conditions. Whilst the government was happy to butter up Trade Unions by conceding certain original provisions within the Bill in return for their biased support […]

The Demonisation of the Working-Class Shames Our Nation

Taken from The Huffington Post, 01/07/2016. By Paul Embery Something very nasty is happening. A group of people, the most exploited within our society, are under attack. Their marginalisation has been going on for years. But it has accelerated disturbingly since 23 June. Few among the political class really understand them. These people live in modest homes […]